Maxence MOHR

Who am I ?

I'm a 25 years old man with an engineering degree in IT working at KeeeX.

Key Competences

IT Knowledge
Very good knowledge in Java (especially in Android Development), C#, C and C++ languages; but also in system administration, cryptography and networks.

My mothertonge is French.
I fluently speak, read or write in English (TOEIC score of 970 out of 990).
I can speak and understand a little bit of Spanish.
Electro-Mecanical Knowledge
Good knowledge in industrial electricity, applied mechanics and electronics and their hazards.
Done a 2 year post baccalaureate in Electrical Engineering
Got the French B0V, B1V, B2V, BR and BC certifications.


You may be interested to know who trusted me for their mobile app development, and the project i've done during my engineering school.
Alerte Citoyenne

Alerte Citoyenne is a in-development mobile app that warns the user about danger around him, without leaking any location information to anybody, even to the developer. is a French website about a common vocabulary mistake concerning Cryptography. If you're French, you should definitly see this website.


KeeeX is a Virtual Private Social Network, focused on file sharing with high-end military encryption.
If you still don't know KeeeX, you should defenitly try it now. It's simple to use, efficient and secure.
I worked in KeeeX during an Internship to develop Mobile Applications.
We're still in touch for any debug/functionality addition to the mobile applications.

Orla Project (School, and personal)

Orla Project was a project I started as an Open Source project at school.
It's goal was simple: monitor any UNIX-like server using a mobile app, while all data is ciphered with high-end encryption.
The project is still in development, progressing when I've some spare time.

Poly Defense (School)

Poly Defense is a project I co-worked on as a school project.
We made a Tower Defense game, coded in Java and bundled with an easy setup for Micrsoft Windows users.

Voice controlled wireless robot (School)

Voice controlled wireless robot is a project I co-worked on with 3 other studients as a school project.
We succefully made a voice controlled robot !

Sewage Treatment Plant in Cambes, France

I worked as a project during my studies in Electrical Engineering as a industrial controller programmer.
My goal was to choose a controller, program it and have it running the full plant.

Other professional experiences

In this part, I will present you some work I've done, but that's not related to IT and development.
Train Guard / Train Manager (SNCF, French Railways)

I worked for 5 years (3 months per year, as a season job) in the French Railways, as a Train Guard/Manager.
My goals were:

    Security of the passengers and of the train traffic (managing doors, evacuation in case of fire or accident, etc...);

    Passengers safety (enforce no-smoking law, ensure that passengers are not too loud, etc...);

    Onboard and in station customer service (helping customers, annoncement in trains, etc...);

    Checking and selling tickets to customers.

Electronic Technician (Sogelec Electronique)

I worked for one month and repaired electronic command computer for electric Renault Kangoo.
Wrote a firmware download protocol.

IT Maintenance (Point Com Informatique)

I worked for two months, and built/repaired computers for customers.

Education & qualifications

In this section, you will be able to see my qualifications and diplomas.
Engineering Diploma in IT

Polytech Marseille is an Engineering School in Marseille, France.
I chose the Embedded and Critical Systems as option, because I love to work on embedded systems and on cryptography.


As an engineer, a good knowledge of English is mandatory (and it's even more important in IT)
During my years at Polytech Marseille, I succefully managed to get my TOEIC on first try, with a score of 970 out of 990.

Electricity applied to the industry (Technician Diploma) (major)

In Lycée Gustave Eiffel, Bordeaux, France
After my Baccalauréat, I was fond of electricity and its applications in the industry world.
This was a great experiance, where we had plenty of projects and applied exercises.
I earned everything about electricity and industrial applications there, such as electronics, motors, etc.

Electricity French Baccalauréat

In Lycée Gustave Eiffel, Bordeaux, France

Other diplomas/certificates I have

- Aeronautics Initiation Diploma
- B0V, B1V, B2V, BR, BC French Electrical certifications to work on low voltage

Hobbies and interests

In this section, you will be able to learn more about my hobbies and what I'm interested about.

As a studient in IT, I'm always interested in new techs and IT security.
I read a lot of news site about these topics, either in English or in French.

Clubs in Polytech Marseille

Co-manager of the Game Club (Board games, Video games, etc.)
Co-manager of the Hacking Club Polyhack_Fr (CTF Events, lessons, etc.)
Singer in a school group (Mainly Pop/Rock)

Contact me :)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you feel interested!

Maxence MOHR, Marseille, France


KeeeX: Maxence MOHR (xerom-tumit), Public key: 17UmcCh1KHLDD2E7DUmy6fMVHQ3gzaHg2h